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Purchase custom wood pallets in Kieser, OR, through Fathia’s Pallet Corp

Fathia’s Pallets works closely with various businesses, industrial clients, and individuals to provide them with high-grade used and new wooden pallets in Kieser, OR. These pallets are sized at a standard 48 x 40 and undergo extensive quality checks before we deliver them to you.

However, you can also place an order for custom wood pallets.

No matter what you require them for, our multipurpose pallets can be used for shipping and transportation, DIY projects, event seating, and much more. They’re strong, protective, and highly functional.

We source our pre-made and used wood pallets in Kieser, OR, from multiple pallet partners. However, we always have strict criteria in place. Our pallets are sourced with ISPM-15 compliance in mind for international standards, and although 48 x 40 is the most popular size, we also make custom wood pallets.

To order custom wood pallets in Kieser, OR, share the dimensions and sizing requirements you have and any other specifications, and our pallet partners will manufacture it for you.

Contact our pallet partners through us and learn more about placing an order for customized pallets, and we’ll take down your requirements. You can also get a more accurate estimate, rates, delivery timeline, and other information via call. You get only the best custom wood pallets in Kieser, OR, when you choose Fathia’s!

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Fathia’s also offers heat-treated used wood pallets in Kieser, OR, available in a standard 48 x 40 size.

Our used pallets undergo extensive quality control and clearance, ensuring their functionality and safety are not compromised. These pallets are mostly made of A-1 quality, Grade A, and Grade B wood, which are much more affordable than custom or standard wood pallets.

Even our used wood pallets meet international standards for safety, bearing up to 2500 lbs of weight. Your good will be safe whether you order recycled or custom wood pallets.

Explore options for recycled and used wood pallets in Kieser, OR, or get special sizes and dimensions via our custom wood pallets. Our company prioritizes customer service, great pricing, efficiency, transparency, quality control, and more. You can get a more detailed breakdown and recommendations for our services by contacting us directly.


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