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Invest in top-quality wood pallets for sale in Houston, TX, through our store

Fathia’s Pallets offers high-quality wood pallets for sale in Houston, TX, allowing businesses and manufacturers to invest in these ISPM-15 compliant 48 x 40 pallets for various purposes. Incredibly sturdy and functional, manufactured using high-quality wood, these pallets are ideal for decor and seating, DIY projects, storage shelves and platforms, and more.

We work with several pallet partners across Houston, TX, to deliver wood pallets directly to your location. Our standard sizing is popular among buyers for various applications, including shipping and logistics. They are made to international manufacturing standards and are  ISPM-15 compliant, which means you can safely rely on them to get your goods across continents.

Our pallet partners  also deliver custom, ISPM-15 compliant wood pallets in Houston, TX, to fit varying requirements, changing their dimensions, and more, so you get exactly what you need through our service.

To place an order for our pre-made, standard-sized pallets, custom pallets, or recycled wood pallets, get in touch with us today. With more detailed insight into your order, we can provide you with more accurate rates, delivery times, and product recommendations. Explore our complete range of services and products to get a better idea.

Order custom wood pallets and more in Houston, TX

Fathia’s Pallet Corp specializes in pre-made, 48 x 40 pallets that are available in multiple varieties. Our pallet partners have pallets that are made of brand new wood, as well as used and recycled pallets available, made of A-1 quality wood, Grade A wood, and Grade B wood. Our recycled pallets offer a highly cost-effective solution to clients looking for wood pallets in Houston, TX.

Our used and recycled wood pallets are incredibly strong and offer maximum protection, despite being so budget-friendly. They come in a standard 48 x 40 size, but we also take orders for custom dimensions.

One of the key services our pallet partners provide clients is supplying custom wood pallets in Houston, TX, which allows you to alter their dimensions based on your needs. We can make them longer, smaller, wider, and narrower, customizing the shape and size according to your requests.

Explore the product range we offer for new and recycled wood pallets, and reach out to us to order custom wood pallets in Houston, TX. You’ll be glad to choose our service and enjoy competitive rates, and much more. Place your order through our website or via call.


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