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Order custom wood pallets in Edison, NJ, through Fathia’s Pallet Corp

Fathia’s Pallets supplies businesses, industries, and individuals with high-grade used and new wooden pallets in Edison, NJ. Our pallets come in a standard 48 x 40 size and go through rigorous quality control before reaching you. However, you can also place an order for custom wood pallets in Edison, NJ.

This is why they can be used for all kinds of functions, including shipping and transportation, DIY projects, event seating, and much more, ensuring that they will get the job done.

Our pallet partners provide us with pre-made and used wood pallets in Edison, NJ, keeping ISPM-15 compliance in mind for better functionality and protection. The most popular size our company and pallet partners offer is 48 x 40, but we do take orders for custom wood pallets in Edison, NJ.

Custom pallets can be manufactured according to the dimensions and sizing requirements you share with us and are ideal for clients for a variety of purposes. To learn more about our custom wood pallets in Edison, NJ, get in touch with our us and our pallet partners, and we’ll walk you through this process.

You can also reach out to us to learn more about our order completion process, and we’ll break down our partners’ services, take down your requirements, and share our rates, delivery timeline, and other information. Get only top-quality custom wood pallets in Edison, NJ, when you choose Fathia’s!

Learn more about our used wood pallets in Edison, NJ, and other products here

We’re also bringing you heat-treated, used wood pallets in Edison, NJ, that come in a standard 48 x 40 size.

Our used pallets in Edison, NJ, go through rigorous quality checks and control and are checked for functionality before being delivered to you. Our recycled pallets are mostly made of A-1 quality wood, Grade A wood, and Grade B wood, offering you cost-effective alternatives to custom or standard wood pallets for your needs. Whether you order used wood pallets or custom wood pallets, we’ll make sure they meet your requirements.

All our wood pallets meet international standards for safety, handling high volumes and weight, and anything you transport through these custom wood pallets in Edison, NJ, will be safe.

Go through our collection of high-quality recycled and used wood pallets in Edison, NJ, or get more unique sizes and dimensions via our custom wood pallets. When you choose us, you get amazing customer service, competitive pricing, efficient services, and more. For a more detailed breakdown and consultation of our services, contact us today!


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