What Are Wooden Pallets And What Are They Used In?

If you are wondering what wooden pallets are and what they are used in, here is a detailed article explaining what wooden pallets are and what their uses are in the world.

What Are Wooden Pallets?

A pallet is a flat, horizontal structure that is used as a base in the supply chain industry to transport goods as a unit load. They are used to stack and store goods as well as protect and transport them from one place to another. They are loaded with goods and shrink-wrapped or pallet collared to secure the items that need to be loaded with forklifts and transported.

Pallets can be made with many materials, but wood is the most commonly used material. Since wood is a durable and stiff material and is also inexpensive, it is a popular material for use in the fabrication of pallets. Wooden pallets usually consist of three or four stringers that have deck boards that support goods on top of them. They have an efficient design in that they are able to be lifted by forklifts, pass through buildings, and fit inside racks.

How Are They Made?

The united states are one of the largest producers of wooden pallets, although they are produced in almost every country. The type of wood used for wooden pallets varies in every country, and they are made out of soft as well as hardwood depending on their use.

The two most common types of wood used for manufacturing wooden pallets are oak and pine wood. Pine is a cleaner wood and is therefore used more commonly as it can be dried in a kiln without causing any damage. This makes it ideal for use in the shipment of pharmaceuticals and food products.

Oak is a harder material and is more expensive than pine for felling and farming. But depending on use and requirements, oak may also be used for pallets. The type of wood used for pallet production largely depends on the location and availability of the wood as its price and use.

What Are They Used In?

The market for wooden pallets is enormous. Due to this reason, the global wooden pallets industry has climbed up to $2.1 million by the end of 2021. Due to their versatility, wooden pallets can be used in a variety of industries, such as:

The Wine And Beverage Industry

Since wines and certain beverages are delicate and weather-sensitive items that can perish easily, they need to be stored and transported properly. Wooden crating using pallets is one of the best ways to store and transport wine from vineyards to retailers and consumers. Wooden pallet crates can be customized according to the number of bottles and shapes to adequately store and carry them.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Drugs and medications are temperature sensitive and are supposed to be stored and transported properly. Wooden pallets are custom designed to perfectly fit medicine bottles so that the risk of damage and breakage during the transportation is minimized.

The Food Distribution Industry

In the food distribution industry, wood pallets serve as packaging and storing food items for transport and have been used for many years. Wood is a great material for use for food storage and transport due to the following advantages:

  • Contaminants do not stay on the wood
  • Wood is safe when it comes in contact with food
  • Good quality wood does not puncture or sustain damage easily
  • Wood can easily be sterilized
  • It can be custom designed for specific items
  • Wood is a durable and stiff material

Moving Companies

Since wooden pallets are the ideal material for use to transport good,s they have significant use in the moving industry. They are great for shipping your items across the country safely and securely. They have the following advantages for their use in the moving industry.

  • They are durable
  • They are lightweight, so you don’t have to pay additional costs for weight
  • They are reusable and recyclable
  • They are easy to control and manage
  • They are affordable

Schools And Education Buildings

There are many uses for wooden pallets in the education industry due to their hard and durable nature while being inexpensive. They can be used for the following:

  • Pallet shelves
  • Crates for gardening
  • Pallet playhouses
  • Pallet bookshelves


There are many creative uses for wooden pallets, and they can be used for many DIY projects. They can be painted over and finished for use as well.

The Automobile Industry

The automobile industry uses wooden pallets and custom crates to store and transport automobile parts.

The Furniture Industry

Wooden pallets can be used for transporting furniture in vehicles to protect them from damage, and certain types are also used for making furniture. Wooden pallets can be used for DIY projects, garden tables, crates for gardening and outdoor play houses for children. They may also be used for toy storage and bookshelves. Be sure not to reuse pallet wood for indoor furniture as it may sometimes harbour mould and bacteria.

Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry requires crates for storing and packing oils, lubricants and other items that need to be transported. The oil and gas industry needs proper handling, storing and efficient transport of their goods all day long. Therefore wooden crates and pallets are constantly required by them.

TThe Final Word

Wooden pallets have many great properties that make them a useful product in the supply chain industry. They are used for the storing and transport of goods and are made with many different types of wood. They are durable, hard, stiff and inexpensive; therefore, they are the perfect material for use in storing, packaging and transport. Not all wooden pallets are the same depending on their use, they may be soft or hard, customized or standard depending on what their use is going to be. Wooden pallets can be easily be recycled and used in many different industries and are a reliable product.