Heat-Treated Wood Pallets: What You Need To Know For International Shipping

The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) makes universal standardization requirements for international trade. Their guide on wood shipment materials applies to all wooden storage units that use a material thicker than 6 millimeters. Heat treatment is one of these requirements.

Wood pallets are used extensively for storing shipping material. To be eligible for shipping, wood pallets for businesses are put in 132 ˚F temperature chambers for 30 minutes to sterilize them. This blog discusses how they are used for international trade.

Why Are Wood Pallets Treated With Heat?

The ISPM-15 regulations state that any packaging made of wood, such as crates and pallets, has to be heat-treated to be eligible for international shipping. This is a measure taken to protect the global ecosystem.

Wood, whether raw or processed, may have local pest infestations that can be carried across oceans to different continents and disrupt their ecosystem. Pests are susceptible to high temperatures, so heating can sterilize their infestation. This is why international standards make heat-treated wood pallets for businesses a requirement for shipping.

Advantages For International Trade

There are several advantages of using heat-treated wood pallets for international shipping.


A major benefit of using heat-treated wood is that a business gets approval for international trade. ISPM’s regulatory role in global markets makes it a respectable body globally. If a business complies with its standards, it has a stamp of approval that validates its products to overseas clients, helping them expand their business. Heat-treated pallets in Boston are likely to be preferred over untreated ones.

Customer Loyalty

Treating wood pallets with heat makes them more durable by preventing rot and decomposition from pest attacks. Well-packaged goods build a reputation amongst audiences of a well-managed business. Their positive experience makes it more likely that they’ll buy from the same business again, increasing brand loyalty. Heat-treated wood pallets for businesses can help them generate greater revenue.

Pallets made of pine wood


Since heat treatment makes wood pallets more durable, businesses can use them more than once. The recyclable nature of heat-treated pallets does two things:

  1. Helps a manufacturer cut costs by spending less on packaging.
  2. Promotes an eco-friendly business revenue model.

Businesses are realizing that the conscious consumer wants sustainability and will choose it over brands that leave a higher carbon footprint. Environmental organizations also support business activities that don’t harm local ecosystems.

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