7 Uses Of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets have many applications and have been used for years. Since wood is such a readily available raw material, and is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to cut and shape, it is perfect for making pallets and crates.

What Are Wooden Pallets?

Wooden pallets are flat slabs of wood designed specifically to be used in the storing and transporting industry. They are meant to hold items with care so that they may be transported safely. Wooden pallets are an extremely useful and versatile product, so they have innumerable uses in the supply chain industry. Since they can be made with different types and qualities of wood, they have various types and purposes. The pallets made with softer wood are considered to be used just one time and are then disposed of. Harder wooden pallets and crates are used for storing and transporting more specialized goods.

Where Are Wooden Pallets Used?

Due to their fantastic properties and advantages, they are a popular material for use in the supply chain industry. Here is a list of reasons why wood is ideal for pallet and crate use:

  • It is durable
  • It is stiff
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is widely available
  • It is lightweight
  • It can be reused
  • It is recyclable
  • It can be easily customized

Due to their fantastic properties, wooden pallets are used widely in many different industries for packaging, storing, and transporting material. They can be upcycled for furniture, crafts, and DIY projects.

1.Pharmaceutical Industry

The drug and pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest markets for wooden pallets. This is because medicine bottles need to be stored and transported with a lot of care. Medications are temperature sensitive and are often stored in fragile glass bottles. They can break easily upon handling and transporting; therefore, they need to be stored in good quality, hard, and lightweight containers that can protect them from light, heat, and impact. Wooden crates and pallets can be custom designed to fit medicine bottles securely so that they may be transported efficiently and in bulk quantities.

2. Beverage Industry

The beverage industry, especially wine, also has specific requirements for handling, storing, and transporting their bottles. Wine is extremely delicate and needs to be stored in a cool dark place where there aren’t sudden temperature changes, direct light, and protected from damage. Wooden pallets and crates are the ideal containers to store and carry glass bottles because they keep them safe, decrease the risk of breaking, and can be stacked on top of the other for storing and transporting a maximum number of bottles.

3. Food Industry

The food industry has been using wooden pallets and crates for years to pack, store and transport food items. Wooden pallets are used for storing raw materials, packaged materials, and finished products. Unpackaged and open food is not normally placed in wooden crates as there is a risk of contamination due to mold and bacterial growth that may be present on reused and old wooden pallets. Wooden crates and pallets are ideal for transporting and storing finished food packets. They are durable, portable, lightweight, and inexpensive. They can easily be used for easy storage and transportation of food items in bulk.

4. Moving Industry

When moving houses within cities, cross-country, or overseas, certain fragile items cannot be boxed and require better and safer packaging. This is where wooden pallets come in use. They can be used to pack fragile items to protect them from falls and damage. They can be custom designed to fit certain items that need to be held in place while handling and transporting. Since wood is hard and durable it is a good material to protect fragile items from impact and harsh outdoor environments.

5. Automobile Industry

The automobile industry manufactures parts for vehicles that need to be transported from the factory to retail stores. For safe and secure transport of automobile parts, they can be packaged and transported in wooden pallets and crates. Wooden crates are also ideal for transporting goods overseas since they are lightweight, inexpensive, and durable. There is no additional cost of weight, especially when shipping goods overseas.

6. Oil And Lubricant Industry

The oil and lubricant industry requires ongoing transportation of their products. They need to be loaded and unloaded from carrier vehicles and transported to and from warehouses, and they also need to be shipped overseas. For this reason, they need to be organized, stored, and properly stacked in bulk. Wooden pallets and crates are ideal for use and are widely used in the oil and lubricant industry.

7. As Furniture

Here are some examples of how wooden pallets and crates can be used when you don’t want to spend too much money and want simple solutions for the following pieces of Furniture around the house. These include:

  • Garden tables
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Birdhouse
  • Dog house
  • Playhouse for children
  • Bookshelf
  • Toy storage
  • Floating shelves

Since wooden pallets are not super durable and high quality, they should not be used for the main Furniture around the house as they might not be long-lasting and can be dangerous. They can still have many applications for DIY projects and crafts.

The Final Word

Wooden pallets and crates are widely used as they have many applications. They are made with many different types of wood, depending on their uses. Their properties vary according to the type of wood used, and they are primarily used in the supply chain industry for storing and transporting goods.