3 Ways Heat-Treated Wood Pallets Ensure Safe International Shipping

International shipping is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail and stringent safety measures. When it comes to transporting goods across borders, businesses cannot afford to overlook is the quality and reliability of the pallets used.

Wooden pallets have long been a staple in the shipping industry, offering a solid foundation for securing and transporting various products. This blog will discuss how businesses can use them for export and explore heat-treated pallets for international shipping.

Why Are Wooden Pallets Heat-Treated?

Heat treatment involves subjecting the pallets to high temperatures in a specially designed chamber. This reduces the pallet wood’s moisture content which in turn decreases the chances of termite attacks and microbial growth, which will be discussed in detail below. However, this treatment ensures that heat-treated pallets used for international shipping don’t disturb the natural ecosystems of the places they are exported to.

So, how do heat-treated pallets ensure safe shipping?

1. Inhibit Infestation And Bacterial Growth

Unprocessed wooden pallets are a breeding ground for pests, such as insects and fungi, which can damage goods and compromise their integrity. One of the primary reasons why heat-treated pallets are preferred for international shipping is their ability to inhibit infestation and bacterial growth. The heat treatment penetrates the wood, effectively eradicating any potential infestation and making the pallets more hygienic and safer for shipping.

2. Help In Export Compliance Standards

Heat-treated wood pallets play a vital role in meeting International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-15) requirements.

Pallets that undergo heat treatment through certain procedures are marked with the internationally recognized IPPC stamp, certifying that they have undergone the necessary heat treatment and meet the phytosanitary requirements. This helps businesses expand their target audience to international communities.

Wooden pallets stacked for storage

3. Reduce Packing Weight

During the heat treatment process, the wood undergoes a drying phase that removes excess moisture. This moisture reduction significantly decreases the weight of the pallets while maintaining their structural integrity.

This is beneficial for international trade since export shipments are priced depending on their weight. While the weight reduction is not significant for a single pallet, hundreds of heat-treated pallets used for international shipping can make an overall impact. This helps businesses cut external costs on shipment.

Where Can You Get Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets?

When it comes to ensuring safe international shipping, heat-treated wood pallets are an indispensable choice.

As a trusted wooden pallet supplier, we offer a wide range of options for heat-treated pallets, including custom and recycled pallets. If you’re looking to ensure the safety and integrity of your shipments, get in touch with us to buy heat-treated wood pallets for sale.